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&gt; In XForms 1.2, the second approach the Forms working group is using to promote incremental adoption is...<div>&nbsp;</div> Does it work in HTML yet?

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Good question, Mark. That's the intent of the strategy, of course! Basically the same "attribute decoration" concept is used by AJAX libraries like Dojo to make advanced features work in HTML or XHTML documents. I'll be talking more about how we're making the rubber meet the concrete in upcoming blog posts.

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If you build everything on top of AJAX, how are you not limited by browsers?

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Hi Anne,<div>&nbsp;</div> &gt; If you build everything on top of AJAX, how are you not limited by&gt; browsers?<div>&nbsp;</div> The point is more to do with being limited by the political games played by browser _vendors_, not by the browsers themselves. This is pretty much the story of Ajax -- hide differences between browsers by using script, rather than waiting for the vendors.<div>&nbsp;</div> This topic is discussed in more detail in various of my blog posts, but in particular "Ajax makes Browser choice irrelevant" [1] and "Ajax and progressive browser enhancement" [2].<div>&nbsp;</div> The first post also looks at how, at some point, people will see the need for a standard API for AJax, and that XForms provides just that.<div>&nbsp;</div> Regards,<div>&nbsp;</div> Mark<div>&nbsp;</div> [1] http://internet-apps.blogspot.com/2006/09/ajax-makes-browser-choice-irrelevantbut.html[2] http://internet-apps.blogspot.com/2007/07/ajax-and-progressive-browser.html<div>&nbsp;</div> -- Mark Birbeck, webBackplane<div>&nbsp;</div> mark.birbeck@webBackplane.com<div>&nbsp;</div> http://webBackplane.com/mark-birbeck<div>&nbsp;</div> webBackplane is a trading name of Backplane Ltd. (company number05972288, registered office: 2nd Floor, 69/85 Tabernacle Street,London, EC2A 4RR)

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