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1 localhost commented Permalink

«In XForms 1.0, you have to use an XPath predicate to produce an empty nodeset, which is a bit like saying "squeeze the knob". It gets the job done, but it ain't pretty.»<div>&nbsp;</div> Could you, please, add an example of how to solve this problem with XForms 1.0? I cannot find how to do this with XPath.

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Vivon, yes we take requests. Please see next post.<div>&nbsp;</div> Gregoire, please see the previous post on Nov. 3, which answers your question.<div>&nbsp;</div> Both of you may find a number of the prior posts to be helpful to you.

3 localhost commented Trackback

Yes it is much more handy then XPath "greping" the nodes.

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interesting Schedule of Deliverables http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/<div>&nbsp;</div> XForms 2.0 - Jun 2008

5 localhost commented Permalink

Is it possible to delete attributes from an element? I am creating a form to add/remove elements and attributes to library metadata. I've had success with adding both elements and attributes. However I cannot delete an attribute from an element. -Thanks in advance

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