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Hey, Ohh ok! I am kinda a newbie so please bear with me a little. What you are stating is that if I want the user to be able to sign the XForm .. I should write it in XFDL/XForms and the Xforms/XML Sign proceessor in mozilla would automatically select the appropriate key from mozilla crypto store corresponding to the user id stated in the XForms document (or the XML Signature namespace)? And XML Signature processor would do the rest of the work?Forgive my question below... I know I shouldn't be asking this to you, but I have been asking this on #xforms on irc.mozilla.org and haven't received a reply.As of now, which are the XForms processor and XML processor available for public use? Does the mozilla XForms processor include a XML Signature processor that accesses the mozilla crypto store? Or is something like https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4522 needed in addition to the XForms processor Firefox extension?Does Firefox support XFDL documents right now? Or am I allowed to use XHTML only?Do you have an e.g of a working implementation of Digital XML signing alongwith a PKI anywhere? any e.g article / whitepaper will do. <div>&nbsp;</div> I really appreciate you taking time out to answer my queries. Thanks a lot.Regards,duryodhan

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Hey, Ok! my mistake! I underestimated stuff that Google could keep hidden from me. but days of googling has given me a good idea finally.<div>&nbsp;</div> Please tell me if this is correct :I do as given in your presentation .. use Xforms and XML Signature etc. etc. And if I open the page with X-Smiles browser it will work. <div>&nbsp;</div> My question is ... Is there anyway that this could work in simple Firefox and IE?

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