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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hey Nice to know that this book is out in market.Wondering this includes WSPortal Server media for testing Portals? Any pointer for getting the development environment for portals will be a great use for biginers who wanted to pick up portal skills.Thanks.ravireddya@yahoo.com

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Joey, The book indicates that the code for the sample portlets and database can be found at www.bernal.net. Yet the web site indicates ... "If you are looking for sample code from the 2nd edition of our book, Programming Portlets, it will not be available until the book is published. This is currently scheduled for early 2007." ... As of yet, I have not been able to locate the download from the site. Have these been posted? I thought I had found it for a minute but it keeps on asking me to log in.. when I do .. I still can't find it


3 localhost commented Permalink

If you are looking for the code to the book just be patient another few days. I had it all ready to go and then my hosting provider upgraded the PHP version on my site. This blew up the entire site and I have to rebuild from scratch.

The code will be uploaded in the next few days promise!

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