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1 localhost commented Permalink


Can we share session data in Websphere Portal 5.1 or 6.0?
Btw, when is portal 6.0 being released?

2 localhost commented Permalink

not in 5.1, and probably not in 6 either. It is a spec issue not a portal issue.

WebSphere Portal 6.0 was just announced.
According to the Press Release, IBM WebSphere Portal Version 6.0 is expected to be available for Linux, AIX, HP, Microsoft Windows, i5OS and Sun in the third quarter of 2006.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Some ideas on sharing info using Portlet Services:


4 localhost commented Permalink

Another way of sharing data is mentioned described here:http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/websphere/library/techarticles/0508_hepper/0508_hepper.html. The solution is based on the fact that all applications have the same sessionID string. Therefore you can use it to build a key to some shared data structure (This is probably safer than using the user ID)One possiblity is using the Dynacache feature. A similar solution but with a portlet service is described in the previous comment.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Let us say I use the userId as the key for this singleton hashtable. Now I want to get the userId from Default.jsp to be able to retrieve user-session sepcific information to be displayed in the banner of my page. How do I get the userid of the currently logged in user in Default.jsp?


6 localhost commented Permalink

With IBM portlet API you have PortletRequest.getUserI am not sure how it is with jsr-168Also you can use the Puma service as described in a previous posthttp://www-03.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/Joey_Bernal?entry=my_first_look_at_the

7 localhost commented Permalink

Blah blah blah, Portlet this, portlet that.

Did I mention your book is only rated 327,738 at Amazon right now? Come on dude, pick up the slack.

8 localhost commented Permalink

Hi, Joey, how to use the method noam mentioned : PortletRequest.getUser ?? it can get the object from another portlet in the different war file?

9 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Joe, sorry my english. You know if exist some problems using the PortletRequest.getUser object ?? I mean, if "N" users access at the same time and I store in this object data related with the user, this data can be corrupted ??

I use this object to share informtaion between applications (this is different wars files)
Thanks a lot.

10 localhost commented Permalink

Is there a way to put a jsf managed bean in the portlet application session scope?

11 localhost commented Permalink

I have the same question as Pallavi. I am converting a portlet from Websphere 5.0 using the IBM API with struts to Websphere 5.1 using JSR 168 API with struts and all the places where request.getParameter("someParam") is used to retrieve query string parameters no longer works. Why is this, and is there a workaround?

Thanks, Jeff

12 localhost commented Trackback

Very interesting.

For portlet messaging and sharing data among several portlets (even in different application), I have found also this.http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~mo197/portlets/portlet_messaging/
There is some explaination about cross context messaging and a library.The library has been tested and used with various portals : Websphere Portal, JBoss Portal, Liferay...
I have also read that the JSR168 version 2 is preparing with some Inter Portlet Messaging (IPC) included... but it may come out in quiet long time...

13 localhost commented Trackback

I am having the same problem that I can not know how to fix it. My problem is I can not transfer the values I can catch in my java file to JSP when I click on an URL in my JSP file. In my java file in doview(), I havePortletSession session = request.getPortletSession();String[] MyNetworks = request.getParameterValues("networks");

session.setAttribute("networks", MyNetworks, PortletSession.APPLICATION_SCOPE);// MyNetworks = session.getAttribute("networks");MyNetworks = (String[]) session.getAttribute("networks");
In my JSP file
HttpSession session =request.getSession(true);String[] MyNetworks = request.getParameterValues("networks");session.setAttribute("networks", MyNetworks );MyNetworks =(String[]) request.getSession().getAttribute("networks");
I can catch the MyNetwork [] in my java file, but I can open JSP from an URL click, it only display the last value of MyNetwork[], not all of them. When I click the URL again, MyNetwork[] in JSP become null but in java file I can still catch all the values from MyNetworks [].
Please help me solve this problem.

14 Darhieus commented Permalink

When the Personalization engine tries to get the value from session, the following error message is getting displayed.

00000052 CmQueryCallba W com.ibm.websphere.query.callbacks.CmQueryCallback buildCategoryCondition Category value '' does not match any category resource in repository.
I created a content C1 and tagged it with a Category , TEST_VALUE
I want the content C1 to be displayed if the value in the session equals TEST_VALUE
The Business Rule is as follows
Select Web Content
whose Location is libName and
whose Category is exactly current Session.http_key or
whose Category is exactly current Session.portlet_key
The value of both http_key and portlet_key is TEST_VALUE.
I created a portlet and set the value into httpsession using the key http_key = TEST_VALUE
and set value into portlet session as portlet_key = TEST_VALUE
When I preview the business rule, I get the above mentioned error message as
"Category value '' does not match any category resource in repository"
When I tried to access the same key from another portlet in a different portal page, I get the value, TEST_VALUE.
Can anyone throw some ideas.Thank you.

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