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1 localhost commented Permalink

Yes, the PUMA SPI is good... for portlets. In fact, it cannot be used if there is no user.All the PUMA stuff is based on *Request objects (portletRequest for example) so you cannot use this API for :- create a webservice which will read user information (and send newsletters, emails...)- create a user in anonymous, in fact you cannot rewrite the subscribe functionnality of the legacy Selfcare portlet...So good but mimited use...Bob

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hello,Is there any support for jsr 168 portlet from PUMA SPI.Like UserManager, GroupManager functionality.Where can I find information.com.ibm.wps.puma.UserManager and com.ibm.wps.puma.GroupManagerall are deprecated.Regards,Sanjeev

3 localhost commented Permalink


I'd tried to use com.ibm.wps.puma.UserManager via servlet but its deprecated, is there any other api available for this?

4 localhost commented Permalink

I have a similar issue. I want to create/modify users when receiving JMS messages from backend systems. I use a MDB to listen to the message queue, and the MDB calls a stateless session bean to perform the user updating logic. I was hoping to be able to do this using the documented PUMA SPI, but since the getController() method requires a ServletRequest object, this can't be done. So I guess I'll have to resort to using the deprecated UserManager.This is really disappointing, I guess IBM don't want people to manage users outside of a portlet context...

5 localhost commented Permalink

Using com.ibm.portal.puma.Group.getName resolves all problem I have had.

6 localhost commented Permalink

Why don't you connect directly to PUMA EJBs? It's not documented, but easy to figure out, and then you don't need PortletRequest at hand. It's only used to store service reference in session anyway... ;-)

7 localhost commented Permalink

PS... the only thinG bad...

8 localhost commented Permalink

I am looking for a full puma spi / jsr 168 code for portal 6 users and groups creation.Thanks

9 localhost commented Permalink

HI, I am using PUMA SPI. I want to search users in LDAP with different search criteria like UID,mail,firstname etc. But in PUMA SPI , (Puma locator) they give only one method findUsersByAttribute("attrName","value").

Anyone knows how to search user with multiple attributes or anyother way ?
Pleas share the info with me.

10 localhost commented Permalink

I want to find out all users and groups using PUMA SPI. is there any way to find it out? As far as i studied i only got to know that, we can only find the information of loged-in users.

11 localhost commented Permalink

Where can one find the JAVA DOC for PUMA SPI ? WPS

12 localhost commented Permalink

Sorry 168 not 186 :)

13 linwen commented Permalink

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