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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hi,another thing you can do to address low-bandwidth-access is add a filter to main portal servlet (on WPS 'com.ibm.wps.engine.Servlet') to remove useless characters on output stream.In fact, a standard WPS output html contains hundreds 'blanks' that will never be rendered. Ciao, DiegoPS: Workplace Service Express is totally unusable over low-bandwidth because complexity of theme and its applets.

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Even though what you've suggested is a solution, it has some drawbacks too. Think of a user who is travelling (either from HQ to remote locations or vice-versa) - and hence they end up getting the Portal-HQ vs Portal-Remote.
And since these are 'different' pages, the 'portlet data' for these pages and 'customization' are absolutely local to each of these virtual portals.
This thereby necessitates the need to move out from PortletData to externalizing the same. Yet to figure out the solution to the 'customization' problem
Thoughts ?

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