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1 localhost commented Permalink

Joey, to your knowledge, is there any JSR in progress that will beef up the level of standardized portlet functionality?Also, an interesting future blog entry might be how we ended up with a portlet JSR. Was this something that IBM pushed for, or was this something that other vendors pushed on IBM, or... ?Also, do you have any insight or predictions on if/when portlets will become part of J2EE?Thanks!

2 localhost commented Permalink

While JSR 168 is an important technology, so is Struts support. I would love to see the SPF support multiple struts portlets within a single WAR file. When will this happen ?

3 localhost commented Permalink

I like your Struts comment. There is a lot to discuss in this area and over time I will talk about what I know or what I learn. As far as when the Struts Portal Framework will add some enhanced feature or functionality, I probably can't speak to that very well. We'll have to wait and see together on some things.

4 localhost commented Permalink

JSR 168 Version 2 is probably overdue for getting started. Talking with the spec lead from IBM, the current word is that IBM is working with Sun to get a follow on version of JSR 168 started this year. Without that I'm sure that WebSphere Portal will continue to add necessary enhancements to the API that are not in the spec. This could possibly cause portability issues for anyone who requires these features.

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