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1 localhost commented Permalink

The bar will have better options, I'm sure.

Keep the updates coming. I can pretend like I'm there. Even down to the expired chocolate candy from the minibar!

2 localhost commented Permalink

U r right Joey. 1 of 6 choices is tough to select as I always have 2 sessions to go to. Though there are some repeats of the sessions, I would not be able to make it as I will be leaving tomorrow morning. Will see you at your session this morning.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Alright, I got a shout out! I'm still wary of WPF but I'll give it a shot.

I didn't see you at the bar...

4 localhost commented Permalink

I understand your concern. It's harder for experienced portal programmers to make the switch I think. Probably becuase we are wary of black box type of programming and becuase it uses a different approach then we are used to. I'm slowly become more comfortable with it and an able to recommend it in some situations.

My main problem is that I don't think I can specialize on the factory and still help customers make good technology decisions that effect their organization. Of course without understand WPF better the same is true so we have to be open minded to all viable options.
WPF has proven itself in several large scale deployments that I have personally seen, and the problems that we biased J2EE developers have with it are minor compared with most of the problems that we all face with trying to build a portal. : )
OK, I'm off my soapbox.

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