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[i]And of course, as always, I often proceed with caution, because I often have to advice clients on what is the best approach[/i]Do you know what other side of the sky is doing ?Take a look of: http://www.pageflakes.com/It's build with Atlas framework (http://atlas.asp.net) and shows a concrete use of AJAX techs for portal environment.What do you think about it?[i]I would be curious about where folks are using this in their portal, if at all and any advantages, disadvantages they have found?[/i]We use some bits of ajax on our portlets for data navigation and validation. For these things, we use DWR (http://getahead.ltd.uk/dwr/).Regards, Diego

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I am about to user AJAX on websphere portal(5.1), instead on servlet, I am placing a jsp. Tehcnically it works fine, but there is a basic problem with using AJAX.

Say I have 3 portlets(A,B,C) on my portal page. Whenever I refresh any of the portlet; say portlet A(for a non-AJAX call), all of my portlets goes thru the rendering phase.
And what ever had done with the AJAX in the other portlets are lost(here in B and C), since it renders the page again.
Any thought around this?

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Hi Joey, We have been using AJAX at our place for a long time now using the exact some approach.

It helped us no end, that our architecture was already based on XML, and the said XML was available via a 'servlet'ish interface.
It also helped to have a 'base' portlet that all our portlets extended and hence the XML-XSL transformation was turned from server side to client side with a simple 'switch' - a nice use of strategy pattern
Would wait to hear from you on the memory impact of the same.

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I need to use AJAX on websphere portal but I need those code examples promised!

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I have managed to get AJAX working on firefox but still having problems on ie. On ie the first call works but the second call never triggers the onreadystatechange event. Still researching.

I used baseURL='<%= response.encodeURL("/")%>' in a one line javascript on my jsp instead of your suggested renderRequest.getContextPath() and it appears to work.
I am populating list boxes with the AJAX and for some reason i cant seem to get them to set the selected attribute from javascript which causes a validation error "Validation Error: Value is not valid." when posting the page.

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In this way I can use Ajax with my portlets, but what about security? How could I know that request was made by registered user?
Thank you for your answer.

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i have a big problem using AJAX in my Websphere portal with JSF. In Firefox all works fine, but in IE the portal doesn't find my portlet. The cause: The Microsoft.XMLHTTPRequest-object encodes the url, i set from document.URL. The portal uses a very long URL ending with #[aNumber]. I think [aNumber] indentifies my portlet. Now the Microsoft.XMLHTTPRequest-object encodes my # into %23 and so the url is wrong.
What can i do?? Can you help me??

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using AJAX with servlet controller brings back the specific fragment i require but using AJAX with portlet controller bring back the whole markup in Portal 5.1. Then i have to filter the one i want ......will this change anytime soon in portal ? i don't want to end up having 10 AJAX servlet controllers for 10 portlets for a large application just to have AJAX functionality...

Please suggest..

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