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1 IsabelArnold commented Permalink

Thank you, Joe, that's really a lot more straight forward than before. I will share this with my customers immediately.
Cheers, Isabel

2 OFWHMG commented Permalink

Joe, as with all your blogs this is a keeper. Much simpler and straight forward integration of WMQ and CICS Explorers. I tried a little experiment and installed the Debug Tool plugin ( into CICS Explorer (Version: [build id: 201110131214]) and that took care of the Debug "stuff" I needed. But then you already knew that I am sure.

We are trying to use CICS Explorer as a poor man's RDz here (by putting Debug Tool, Fault Analyzer, and File Manager plugins into CICS Explorer) and was wondering if there is any way to remove the SM Administration perspective from CICS Explorer since that is exclusively a CICS system programmer thing. Thanks.

3 JoeWinchester commented Permalink


What RDz does with the CICS Explorer is embed it in its release, and then remove the SM Administration perspective as well as fairly large portions of the CICS SM perspective. The reason it removes the SM Administration perspective is because it shows things like CMAS objects and CMAS to CMAS connections which is useful if you are a CPSM administrator. On the SM perspective all of the definitions are hidden so there is no CSD (or CPSM DREP access), and on the operations menu a large number of CICS resources are hidden so only ones which application developers are likely to be concerned with, like programs, files, transactions, etc... are kept. There is no way to make just the SM Administration menu disappear, and keep the ability to access definitions, or access the full set of items in the operations menu.
There is a way to "fool" the CICS Explorer into thinking that it is inside RD/z which I'll describe below, but I expect it's not what you want. What is the level of granularity you want to switch on/off in terms of "keep these views, get rid of these views, keep this perspective, get rid of this perspective, etc.... If you want to raise this against the CICS Explorer as a formal requirement, then we do use the "" so you can enter "Dear Santa" type stuff over there (as well as anything else you'd like to see)
(begin Totally unsupported hack to make CICS Explorer think it is inside RDz)
create a PDE project whose id is "", export this as a deployable plugin or fragment, and put this in the /plugins folder in the CICS Explorer
(end of Totally unsupported hack to make CICS Explorer think it is inside RDz)

4 Allen Mayer commented Permalink

Hi. Are the steps identical for MQ Explorer 7.5 and CICS Explorer 5.1?.

Thanks. Allen

5 JoeWinchester commented Permalink

Hi Allen - yes the steps for CICS Explorer 5.1 and MQ Explorer 7.5 should be the same. The thing that is "missing" from base CICS Explorer that MQ Explorer needs is the debug feature - and there are two ways to add that - either pull in the IBM Debug Tool plugin (which is included in the portfolio update site that is in the 5.1 release by default) or else add in the helios update site and install the Eclipse Java Development Tools. Let me know if you run into any problems - cheers, Joe