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1 gmander commented Permalink

I want a RASGNDEF option in the CICS Explorer. How do I request that?

2 JoeWinchester commented Permalink

Hi Gale,
For planning content of future releases probably the best is to create a "request for an enhancement" - that we shorten to RFE because at IBM everything is a TLA. The URL for this is One cool thing about RFEs is that people can vote on them (a bit like a movie review where you can see if other people liked/hated the film before watching it). The more people vote for an RFE the better in terms of getting our attention, so although I'm not suggesting you should get a bunch of friends to bump it up the radar for visbility by snowballing the voting system - you wouldn't be the first if you did so !
Best regards,

3 gmander commented Permalink

Joe - Thank you. The issue is that we use the WUI extensively for CPSM/BAS definitions and information. How do we get to RASGNDEFs and RESDESCs etc in the CICS Explorer if they are not there? It is my understanding that IBM will be discontinuing the WUI after TS5.1. Assuming this to be the case, All of our CPSM/BAS definitions could not be updated or supported. Is IBM planning for CPSM users to revert back to using the CSD? If so, that defeats the purpose of CPSM and our need for the WUI or Explorer. Like buying a new Rolls without wheels and the doors are all welded shut.... but it sure does look nice.

4 JoeWinchester commented Permalink

Hi Gale, regarding your statement of IBM discontinuing the WUI as long as CICS TS 5.1 is a supported CICS release there will be a WUI. CPSM is a very key part of CICS's system management infrastructure and forms the basis for lots of our newer features such as platforms and applications, where access is being added to the CICS Explorer and not the WUI. This allows closer integration to the Rational toolset, the z/OS Explorer platform which works alongside the MQ Explorer and Optim Data Studio and gives a rich devops experience. For CPSM there will be minor changes to the WUI to support CICS changes for existing supported areas of function. I hope this helps to clarify things - please let us know if there are still questions or concerns, and also please open a specific RFE for the RASGNDEF and RESDESC scoping in the CICS Explorer

5 gmander commented Permalink

Thank you Joe. I requested in March of 2012. Do I need to create a new RFE? Hopefully the link will direct like minded Systems staff to vote for the RFE.