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1 localhost commented Permalink

Chris,I agree with much of what you are saying. To move from VB6 to LotusScript should be pretty easy (at lease that is the hope). The biggest difference between VB6 and LotusScript is that LotusScript is an object oriented BASIC. It event has VB6 alias commands to help VB’er. LotusScript is closer to VB.Net than VB6 is because of its object oriented constructs. The down side to using LotusScript is you need Notes or Domino installed ($) to deployed to run your applications. Also you need to learn the Domino Object to do many things. However, if you already know LotusScript, you can move to .Net and start writing applications that don’t need Notes or Domino. You will need to learn the .NET Framework (like the Domino Objects only much more complete) and soon you can create applications that run on Smartphones, WSS team sites, SPS portals, Office applications and more. Gary Devendorf

2 localhost commented Permalink

But Gary,Don't I want to build applications that are secure, scale and will work?:-)

3 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for your comments, Gary. That downside you mention ($) usually isn't a problem. No matter what type of app you build, you'll have to pay some $$ for the server, whether it's Windows, SPS, IBM Workplace, Domino, or something else. Chris

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