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1 localhost commented Permalink

Pre Notes-7.x I was using a Sametime chat archive from OpenNTF to store all my chats, which was great. But even better 7.0.1 allows me to store my chat transcripts in my mail file. This allows my to have a full picture of all my correspondence with someone, chat and e-mail.

I'm assuming that this mailbox-save feature will still be available when the new Sametime rolls out, since I'm using the IM interface that is embedded in Notes. Honestly, I don't really need emoticons and rich text, so while it is a nice feature, unless the Java IM client bundled into the Notes client supports it, I think you will find many companies will not use the features. Over 90% of our staff use the Java client exclusively.
I know I started with a question, then a comment, so let me end with a request: I think most companies will agree that IM is a business tool, and while pictures, rich text and such are nice, they are not "needed" (wanted but not needed). I would like the Java client to work as close to the rich text client as possible, as I would prefer not to have to deploy a separate IM client, if I can avoid it.
Right now, the only thing preventing me from going to the Java client alone is that you cannot start a meeting easily without Sametime Connect.

2 localhost commented Permalink

I agree with you that there is a difference between the connect client and the embedded client and IBM is continuing to try and close that gap. There are some features such as saving chats inside mail.nsf that is, and I believe only should be through the embedded client. There are no current plans to remove that feature.

What I think your company will benefit from is when Hannover is released. Check out some of the early screen shots from Hannover and let me know if that is the goal your may be looking for?
With the unveiling of the next release of Lotus Notes, code-named “Hannover,” IBM articulates roadmap, demonstrates commitment

3 localhost commented Permalink

Please don't forget about the STLinks clients. We use WebSphere Portal, QuickPlace, etc. and would hope *all* the clients could share a similiar experience.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Hello.How do I increase the number of days of validity for chat transcripts.. Mine is fixed at 270 days


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