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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Ted, I've been playing with the public Sametime 7.5 beta (connected to a Sametime 6.5.2 server) and like many of the new features. However, one feature that doesn't seem to have made it into the product yet is tabbed conversations. Are there plans to do this? It makes a huge difference when having conversations with multiple different people simultaneously.

Some examples of clients that do a good job of tabbed conversations are:
Pandion (www.pandion.be)Gaim (gaim.sourceforge.net)
Here are two screen shots which illustrate tabbed conversations:Gaim:http://gaim.sourceforge.net/screenshots.php?file=yahoo_icon.png

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Paul,A tabbed chat layout is a feature that didn't make it into Sametime 7.5 but it is something we are looking into for future releases.Joe Scherpa - Sametime Product Design

3 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for the update Joe. I look forward to seeing tabbed conversations in the future (Sametime 8.0?)

One other question perhaps you could help me with--I read on another blog that the ST 7.5 beta was pulled and due to be re-posted with some known bugs fixed. I grabbed the beta fairly soon after it was announced but am not sure if I got the older or newer version. There's no build number on the "Help>About" screen either. Any idea how I can tell if I have the latest version? Thanks!

4 localhost commented Permalink

Paul - The updated beta client hasn't been posted yet, so you have the older version. We should have the updated one available soon!

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