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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hi there! I just downloaded the public beta for Sametime 7.5 and am using it at work to connect to a Sametime 6.5 server. So far, love the new look and features! The location awareness is definitely a very useful (and as far as I can tell) unique, feature.

One side topic that I'm curious about: are there any plans to support "tabbed" conversations when multiple separate conversations are ongoing?
Pandion, a simple little Jabber client, is one example of a client that does tabbed conversations very well.
Take a look at www.pandion.be.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Do you propose a single client chat window with multiple tabs versus multiple chat window's? Am I understanding you correctly.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Yes, a single chat window with multiple tabs would be tremendous. It is MUCH easier to track one window than 10-20 individual chat windows.

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