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Great news. Thanks for the update.

Will Copy Selected as Table be made available as a formula command so we can add it to our custom menus?Otherwise the check box will have to stay turned on in our case as that item is too valuable to lose under the current scenario. I suspect that will be an issue for many people around that command in particular.
By not implementing it I think the time your spending on this new and very useful feature will get ignored by many people because in effect you will be providing a partial implementation. And I'd hate to see this feature get ignored by doing 99% of the work but missing that last 1%.
That missing command might seem like a lower priority defect but it has a big impact on the usability of this particular feature so please move it up on the priority level.
Guess that goes for any commands that are "missing" but the Copy Selected as Table is the big one IMO.
I guess the other option would be to make the check box a multi-value drop-down list that allowed the default items to be selected/deselected - which has it's own pros and cons - depending on how many defaults you want or don't want to "keep".

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