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1 localhost commented Permalink

Ted, please tell me that Notes/Domino are also on the list for ODF export. I hope IBM doesn't forget they have more than Workplace in the bullpen.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hello Ted,please enlighten me on the follwing detail:"IBM Workplace is among the many products in the industry today that support OpenSource while other products such as Microsoft Office do not support OpenDocument."1. Is IBM officialy supporting the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications in WorkPlace, or just "OpenSource"?2. Which "IBM Workplace product" do you mean specifically? All of IBM Workplace including Lotus Notes? Or just this or just that or just something else?Please be specific.Regards, Leonardo Burci

3 localhost commented Permalink

Hello Leonardo.Burci,IBM is looking to support ODF and as for product announcements they will be coming soon. I use some Workplace pre-release software internally and prefer to work with these applications over any other software.Hello EricParsons,IBM currently has no plans to support ODF in Notes/Domino. At this time it's not that IBM won't do something it's just not at the moment. I welcome any feedback on how you would like to see this incorporated into Notes/Domino?- Ted

4 localhost commented Permalink

OpenDocument format gathers steamhttp://news.com.com/OpenDocument+format+gathers+steam/2100-7344_3-5942913.html-Ted

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