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I have a modified version of the MS Office Library template, to which I have added an import feature that can take a directory full of Office files and store them in the NSF. It uses a MS-supplied DLL to read metadata from Office files allowing it to fills in various fields in the Notes document, which can be helpful in indexing. The template isn't "production ready" -- just a proof of concept, really. It's freely available here: http://www.rhs.com/web/rhs.nsf/1dd79301f4df22e4852569df006834ab/c6780697d73c920b85256cb600214fba?OpenDocumentFeel free to contact me for more info.-rich schwartzhttp://smokey.rhs.com/web/blog/poweroftheschwartz.nsf

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Hello Rich,I took a look at your modified version. Great concept. When you think that it is production ready, you should consider submitting that in the developerWorks Sandbox at http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/sandbox.nsfThe Sandbox lets you share templates, applications, and code samples with other Lotus Software developers. You can download applications, submit applications of your own, and review applications you've downloaded.- Ted Stanton

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Steve,The exporting is the same for any Notes Database. There are not particular additional exporting features in the MS Office Library template.-Ted

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