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1 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks for the kind words, Chris...Tom "Duffbert" DuffDuffbert's Random Musings: http://www.twduff.com

2 localhost commented Permalink

Why would I transition if it here to stay :)

3 localhost commented Permalink

@sticky - true, you don't have to transition. As we know, platform decisions in an organization happen all the time without developer input. If your company i s buying into IBM Workplace concepts, then we need to make sure that your skills can make the move, too. To do nothing would not server anyone's interests.@Axel - it's not only the typing. We're also providing a standardized way to deal with a document-oriented collaborative system, using XML and J2EE, while hiding some of the complexities of J2ee from the user. If you want to use your own java classes, you can use WSAD/RAD6 to build them and call them from the WP Designer JavaScript engine, so we're balancing a productive, high level IDE with ability to extend it. And lastly, our target runtime will be the Workplace server.Chris

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