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1 localhost commented Permalink

I would be interested to know :

- how do you explain technical limitations / what you can and can't do technically to the persons who are in charge of designing the UI
- What is the relation between the UI designers and the graphical team (who asks things to who, who decides etc...)
- Is the graphical team inside IBM or are you using partner ?
- how do you decide when a technical limitation has to be lifted due to UI requierements
- What are the tools used by the UI designers : photoshop ? visio or equivalent ? how to you prototype application behavious ? (flash ?)
Hope this helps

2 localhost commented Permalink

Thanks, Michael. Excellent questions. We'll either cover it in the talk or in a blog posting.


3 localhost commented Permalink

Please post the presentation to ID102, or provide information on how we can get a copy. Thank you.

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