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I personally send people to the help file or to purchase the "Yellow Books" as they are an excellent place to start. But, these are sometimes lacking, especially when dealing with some of the LotusScript examples, a little too simple. The other places I send them are blogs like Codestore and nsf tools.

As for creating a place in developerWorks... I think it's a GREAT IDEA. Off the top of my head I'm not sure what topics would be best but I always have issues with Arrays, especially multi-diminsional arrays, but I think the overall idea is awesome.

2 localhost commented Trackback

Chris: the number one point of confusion, that I see with new programmers, as well as experienced developers, is architecture. The all-in-one UI-Logic-Datastore is tough to understand, because it is so different. They don't understand that it's a distributed data model that supports applications being replicated onto laptops, servers, and workstations.

The Yellow Books and the Developers handbook are generally very good, but they don't always give the context of what is being explained. I'm probably asking too much, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of "why" a function, etc. would be chosen or even preferred over another way.

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Thanks for your comments so far.


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I am new to the Lotus community, having previously used Notes as an user. This time around I am involved in understanding how Domino works and issues around backup and recovery of Domino and I think the help files are not the best tools and the redbooks out there are way too old. Compared to some of the other technologies its been harder to get information on Lotus products. I would like to see a refresh of some of the redbooks and some whitepapers/blog notes on what works and what don't.

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Last year I taught a Notes/Domino development course for six people in my company, and used the Benz/Oliver "Lotus Notes and Domino 6 Programming Bible" as the text. Between that and the Designer client help, I think anyone can get started.

6 localhost commented Permalink

Between the help and developerworks there is a lot of content but not very easy to navigate. An online designer help with links to developerworks articles and better examples would help. It would be great to search for something like viewentries and find an overall description, how to use it and why/when to use it along with actual code that works.

Also to be able to find or restrict the search to a language, try to search for viewentries and lotusscript in the designer help. You get all the java pages since they have the language cross reference with lotusscript section.
if you setup the basic structure, business partner and developers could help supply examples and descriptions.

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