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it is quite interesting to watch tag clouds change over time. I put together tag clouds based on every word in session abstracts for Lotusphere. (using @explode then trimming out common words like "and")

LS 2005 http://www.dominux.co.uk/dominuxblog.nsf/plinks/ABEL-6J9TSGLS2006 http://www.dominux.co.uk/dominuxblog.nsf/plinks/ABEL-6K9S3TLS2007 http://www.dominux.co.uk/dominuxblog.nsf/d6plinks/FOUN-6W2LUF
watch the version numbers move and see the rise and fall of Workplace :-) I did the same thing for sessions going back to 2001 but I haven't blogged these. What do you think would be a good way to show 7 tag clouds in progression?

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