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1 Sam. commented Permalink

Hello David! Its Husam from PHA... <br /> We've been having an issue with w/ db .log file growth. <br /> Do you have tips on how to resolve this growing issue other than the usual backup performed? <div>&nbsp;</div> More desc on the issue: <br /> As you might remember, we had FSPROD and its log file grow beyond the db size. If .mdf file was x GB, the .ldf (log file) size will be 2x GB (doubled). dba siva noticed that cdc is not releasing space from the log file and that's why it is growing. Our current workaround for this is shrinkfile once a week. and this means we do the full refresh of all tables etc... and same for CRMPROD. <div>&nbsp;</div> Can you help? :-( <br /> Thanks, <br /> Husam