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A new name and a (slightly) new direction. Telco talk will add Business Process Management within the Telco OSS/BSS arena to the potential subjects we'll cover here. The old Industry Business Partner Technical Strategy Enablement (IBPTSE) team's role remains an important part of IBM's Telecom strategy, so I will probably still cover partner capabilities and content here. I know the blog is pretty much about telco, but I reserve the right to comment on other industries as well :-) I plan to talk about resources that are available to IBM Business Partners, some of the latest issues we are seeing in Telecom, some discussion of IBM software technology and some thoughts on IBM's Smarter Planet initiatives.

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Comments (2)

1 krckumar commented Permalink

This article is really good, probably having a use case/case study of how a Telco can leverage the capabilities of its existing infrastructure and compete with the business models of various companies like Google, Yahoo etc. <div>&nbsp;</div> FYI: While reading the article some of the text was clipped. Appreciate if that can be corrected.

2 Andrew_Larmour commented Permalink

Thanks for your comment coffee_bay. The clipping is probably due to the table (which has fixed width columns to make them readable) and you using a lower resolution than I do on your screen. I'll try to correct the issue. In terms of use cases with specific examples, it is difficult because so few Telcos have successfully made the jump to really capitalise on UGC - certainly not in the same way that YouTube, Flickr and others have. This blog post stemmed from a real engagement with a Telco, but for confidentiality reasons, I cannot name them - sorry.

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