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A new name and a (slightly) new direction. Telco talk will add Business Process Management within the Telco OSS/BSS arena to the potential subjects we'll cover here. The old Industry Business Partner Technical Strategy Enablement (IBPTSE) team's role remains an important part of IBM's Telecom strategy, so I will probably still cover partner capabilities and content here. I know the blog is pretty much about telco, but I reserve the right to comment on other industries as well :-) I plan to talk about resources that are available to IBM Business Partners, some of the latest issues we are seeing in Telecom, some discussion of IBM software technology and some thoughts on IBM's Smarter Planet initiatives.

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1 snyrkill commented Permalink

<br /> The author has IMO neglected a major advantage Oracle has over IBM here: <div>&nbsp;</div> Assume you have a "old" Intel machine with 8 cores and you want to buy a new Intel machine with 8 cores. I believe this is quite common. In the case of Oracle you don't need to buy any new licenses, as long as you have the same amount of cores. With IBM you need to purchase 160 Additional PVU's in this case, or additional 40% in licenses. This is unacceptable.

2 Andrew_Larmour commented Permalink

Thanks for the comment snyrkill. My intent was not to demonstrate the superiority or inferiority of either licensing scheme - just to illustrate how both schemes worked. As for calling it a "major" advantage, I doubt that. <br /> . <br /> If you have a look at the table above, there are some platforms where IBM is cheaper, and others where Oracle will be cheaper all other things being equal. One hypothetical scenario does not invalidate the blog post since I was not assigning value to either scheme. <br /> . <br /> TUPS

3 snyrkill commented Permalink

Thank you Andrew. <div>&nbsp;</div> It is clear that Oracle is cheaper on some platforms and IBM on others. My point was that Oracle costs the the same on Intel regardless of CPU type. <div>&nbsp;</div> Maybe you can help me solve my problem: We are running Informix on a pre-Nehalem Intel machine with two 4 core cpu's and 132 GB of memory. For this we have a license of 8*50 = 400 PVUs. This is a box we lease and the lease is running out so we have to renew. We do not have funds to buy new software licenses. What do you recommend we do? To keep the same number of cores and memory we need to buy 160 PVUs. Is that fair? The only thing we can do is to get a 4 core cpu which will allow us maximum of 96 GB of memory. Will this new box be faster than the old one? I seriously doubt it. And we will not be using 120 PVUs. <div>&nbsp;</div> Best regards, <br /> -Snyrkill

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