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A new name and a (slightly) new direction. Telco talk will add Business Process Management within the Telco OSS/BSS arena to the potential subjects we'll cover here. The old Industry Business Partner Technical Strategy Enablement (IBPTSE) team's role remains an important part of IBM's Telecom strategy, so I will probably still cover partner capabilities and content here. I know the blog is pretty much about telco, but I reserve the right to comment on other industries as well :-) I plan to talk about resources that are available to IBM Business Partners, some of the latest issues we are seeing in Telecom, some discussion of IBM software technology and some thoughts on IBM's Smarter Planet initiatives.

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1 the finn commented Permalink

Andrew, <br /> Thanks for this ! I am an IBMer and am often at client sites with no VPN access. Thsi will be excellent to get connected with other IBMers (and external people with me). I tried the site and got an error message saying the sametime server was down (try again). Is this unusual or does the server keep US office hours ;) <div>&nbsp;</div> thefinn

2 Andrew_Larmour commented Permalink

I can't comment on the 'hours the server keeps' but my external contacts in my buddylist are there more often than not, so I presume it is usually available. I can see external contacts in my Sametime client right now for instance.

3 Monitoring commented Permalink

Hello All, This link was working few months back and It is not working now, is there a way to get this backup again ? <div>&nbsp;</div> I need to keep in touch with my IBM buddies / Client Rep etc.. this was very useful. <div>&nbsp;</div> or is there a any other different way to chat with IBM'ers ? <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks and Regards - Jai

4 Andrew_Larmour commented Permalink

Thanks for letting me know about this Monitoring - the service is still up, however the URL to launch it has changed - I have corrected the article - but the new one is https://www.ibm.com/collaboration/instantmessaging which will now launch a Wiki page - just click on the "Start Here" link to launch the Sametime web client and you can chat with your IBM contacts all you like!

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