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Thank you for sharing this information on using JPA with DB2. We are also excited about JPA and have integrated it into CocoBase PURE POJO V5 - ORM Tool with JPA Support focused on enterprise persistence features.
We see that there is EJB3 support in the alpha release of WAS 6.1. Does this release have JPA support yet, do you know or possibly you could direct us to the person who can assist us?
Our engineers here at Thought Inc. attempted to use CocoBase JPA with WebSphere and found they could not get it to work. Our JPA support is standard and according to the spec. Our guess is that the current JPA support in WAS 6.1 is not open to just any JPA Provider, that it seems to only work with OpenJPA. We have customers who would like to use CocoBase JPA support with the new WAS 6.1. Any assistsance would be very helpful.
FYI - CocoBase is focused on the enterprise persistence features problem set and after analysis of the major JPA providers found that it was the only tool to offer the full range of enterprise features, which is needed for development at that level. Here is the link to the analysis;
Any response and feedback would be greatly welcomed.
I hope you have some guidance and/or who we might interact with that would help us.
Greg Baker, Director of SalesThought Inc. "The Dynamic O/R Mapping Company"greg.baker-AT-thoughtinc.comPhone (415) 836-9199Fax (415) 836-9191http://www.thoughtinc.com

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