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1 SteveBachini commented Permalink

Are there any plans to include (public) technotes in the search?
Often these are supplements to the Info Centers, and it would mean a one-stop-shop.

Thanks -Steve

2 KateDawson commented Permalink

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your comment. At this time, public technotes are not included in the Knowledge Center search. Tighter integration between Knowledge Center resources and Support Portal resources, such as technotes, is on our radar. We'll make sure to keep updating this blog with new features of the Knowledge Center as they are available.
Thanks again!

3 sjikim commented Permalink

In firefox, it is impossible to copy the link URL using the "Copy link location" popup menu, which is a frequently used
menu to give customers document URL.

4 JamieRoberts commented Permalink

Hi Seong Jin. "Copy link location" in Firefox actually works in almost all areas of IBM Knowledge Center. But unlike the IBM Information Centers, every page ULR in IBM KC can be copied or bookmarked directly. So you don't need "copy link location" as much.. You can directly copy or bookmark URLs from the address bar. This includes search queries and filters. You can use "copy link location" on any link in any topic in IBM KC. That includes the breadcrumb navigation links at the top of every topic. You can even use "copy link location" on the "Product Family" page links in the TOC (as you navigate "up" in the Table of Contents). But you can't use "copy link location" from the actual product table of contents (the navigation on the left) because we have a special right-click menu there to add topics directly to collections or to open the just the content in a link in a new tab. So if you want to use "copy link location," you have to use page links, or the navigation breadcrumb links. But you could just copy the page's URL from the address bar while you're looking at it :)

5 KateDawson commented Permalink

Thanks for your insight, Jamie!

sjikim - hope this helps :)

6 TiloMaster commented Permalink

hi, where are supported browser for the IBM Knowledge Center listed?

7 KateDawson commented Permalink

Hi TiloMaster,
Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for your comment. Supported browsers: IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari + mobile Safari, Chrome and Opera.
We're going to get the Knowledge Center Help updated with this list.