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1 RamazanPOLAT commented Permalink

IBM really needed to do that years ago.
It is pain in the ass to find what you look for in the current support portal.
In the current support portal, it says "New website design coming in October!".
We are in October already!

2 Pat_OC commented Permalink

RamazanPOLAT: Thank you for your very candid feedback. The new site will be here at the end of October - check on October 31st and let us know how IBM did, OK?

3 PaultinNZ commented Permalink

Well here's, praying!

We are a registered (somewhere in the IBM world) as a paying IBM i V7.1 customer.
However, do you know where I can get hold of "IBM i Access Client Solutions"?
The ESS site is a comic book...wasted days trying to get access to software earlier this year and whilst that was sorted now I can't find how to get hold of the download for "IBM i Access Client Solutions"
Any ideas where to go for help.
The telephone number given on the IBM site for New Zealand support is 0800 539 274 26 but this number doesn't exist! Urghhh

4 KeithRoberts commented Permalink

5 as400admin commented Permalink

Yes, it can be very hard to figure out how to download Access Client Solutions. It's so hard that IBM wrote a Help document.

There's a link on the page that Keith linked, or you can go directly there:

6 Pat_OC commented Permalink

KeithRoberts & as400admin - Thank you for providing these helpful links for PaultinNZ.

PaultinNZ - Thank you for your feedback - I've passed it on to the ESS dev team and the Planetwide team (where we list local support phone numbers). Please let me know if this new info from KeithRoberts & as400admin helps. I will contact you when the updates to the ESS site or the Planetwide New Zealand site occur.