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1 Robert.Brauer commented Permalink

Absolutely ridiculous that you've removed the software support toolbar ... was the easiest tool to use ....!!!!

2 AaronM.Cohen commented Permalink

Hello Robert,

I'm the lead developer for this IBM Software Support toolbar. The purpose of the toolbar was to guide the user to where they wanted to go on IBM's Software Support site. It did a very good job of this for many years. However IBM's Software support site has changed for the better. The new IBM Support Portal - - launched in 2010, solves many of the search and navigation issues much better than the toolbar could ever hope to. Additionally new browsers come into the market every year and the existing ones receive major updates quarterly, if not monthly. When the IBM Software Support toolbar was created, only MSIE and Firefox existed. Now Chrome and Safari have entered market and mobile browsing is now becomming the norm. The IBM Support Portal is much more capable to address all of our clients' needs and browser choices than the toolbar can at this time. Please let me know if this response addresses your concerns.
Thank you!

3 harrietj commented Permalink

I have to agree with Robert. With the toolbar IBM is always RIGHT THERE. I don't have to think about what button to click, what page to go to, what is the name of that bookmark. Its just like Google or Yahoo. It's right there in my toolbar all the time.

4 AaronM.Cohen commented Permalink

Hello Jammied,

Did you use the toolbar more for the built-in bookmarks or for the search? Have you tried the Software Support Portal? The portal has everything you need on one page and is very customizable.
Thank you!
IBM Software Support Toolbar Developer

5 GerhardRathmann commented Permalink

I am positively suprised to receive notifications re. new version of Support Toolbar beinge available fpr both Firefox and IE during the last two weeks - however how does this experience fit the recent announcement re. the toolbar being discontinued ?
I am am using both the new Support Portal AND the Toolbar.

6 pmorgent commented Permalink

My first point of call to raise support calls is the toolbar. This is the quickest way to do this. I find the seach functionality somewhat useful except to get the best experience I need to log in each time just to search for the product I am initersted in rather than the entire support site which typically does not return what I am after or it is hidden in a jungle of useless information about other products... I usually find google far more efficient at searching the IBM site.

Typoically the iBM support portal is very slow to load and run.. To use it you have to log in and then usually have at least three clicks to get what you are after.. Overall not the best experience.. IBM could have learnt a lot from the old Telelogic support site.

7 AaronM.Cohen commented Permalink

Hello GerhardRathmann,

A new version of the toolbar was released where we removed old links that were no longer active. This was the final release of the toolbar. You can still use the toolbar but we are no longer updating it for new browsers. The current version works in IE 9 but not for Firefox 4.
Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it along to Electronic Support team.
Thank you!
Aaron Cohen
IBM Software Support Toolbar Developer.

8 timtamdude commented Permalink

Robert is 100% correct. The new and "improved" Support Portal is super difficult to use... I mean why do I need a lesson on how to use a website? It isn't AutoCAD or some complex application, it's a website that's supposed to provide support for pete's sake! I waste so much time in the Support Portal, looking for infocenters, articles, redbooks, you name it. It is a hunk of junk. They should have devoted the developers and money to the toolbar. Can you tell me why, whether or not I am logged in the Support Portal doesn't remember my preferences? C'mon, do I need a cookie just for that? Jeezzz

The IBM Support Toolbar, quick, fast and efficient. That's what I want from a "Support" tool, not some cludgy J2EE/Lotus Connections driven website that can't remember my preferences...
Wait, maybe I should open an ESR about my Support Portal problems... Give Me a Break!

9 axel.schreiber commented Permalink

Dear all,

IBM has a long history of making thiings a bit to complicated. The support toolbar was one of the realy good ways to access the KB in an easy and fast way. The new support portal is NO substitute for that tool. I understand, that there has been invested a lot of time & brain to make the portal work, but it is not as handy as the toolbar - please bring the toolbar back (on firefox 4.x).
Kind regards

10 sotatale commented Permalink

To the IBM Toolbar Support Team -

Unfortunate to see an efficient vendor provided tool such as the IBM support toolbar become unsupported. I have to assume that there was no data analysis on the SEO data generated from the toolbar before your management team decided to yank the project right off the timeline...
Anyways, my comment/question here is one i hope you can assist me with. I'm currently unable to uninstall this IBM Software Support Toolbar from my WinXP work system. Im using Add/Remove Programs in XP and get an error message about missing file Error message that
Does IBM has a software removal tool for users that are unable to remove the software that they provided? I was going to attempt to reinstall the toolbar and then uninstalling it afterwards but i see that the toolbar software download is no longer supported and has been removed from the site. Please let me know when you can.
Appreciate your time.
chmodm3 AT gmail DOT com

11 Robert.Brauer commented Permalink

Perhaps I am just not keen to change or maybe I've just got used to using the toolbar. I am now on FireFox 5 and I still have the toolbar working, a little change in the install.rdf file for the toolbar extension and it's compatible again.

I still recommend the Portal to my customers, as it's the only way to go for them, but personally, the toolbar is my lifesaver and why throw away something that works!

12 PeL commented Permalink

Anyone that happens to have a DL of the IE toolbar laying around that they can share with me?

I have the FF version installed, but need to share colleagues that run IE.
Sorry IBM, but the Support portal is just useless. Once it starts to remember my settings so I do not need to reselect my products each and every time, I *might* start to consider the portal...

13 Chillie commented Permalink

Agreed. The Portal is clumsy and, typically, over-complicated.

14 Larswad commented Permalink

This support portal is absolute, total suckage.
I just want to download that damned Eclipse plugin for synergy, now I have been trying find that simple download for SEVERAL HOURS but failing. What the hell IS this?
It is unbelievable how complicated IBM can make simple stuff. All I find is patches and crap, I just want the original download FFS.
I want the plugin as a zip because for some reason the URL doesn't work from inside eclipse, works poorly or not at all like any other IBM product.

How hard can it be to put up a simple portal with downloads from various categories instead of making strange guides and fuzzy pages with f*ckloads of information instead of just a plain download link.

15 bobdy commented Permalink

RE: IBM Software Support toolbar
I agree with the others, the toolbar was right there and convenient.
If anything add a link to IBM Support Portal, but the ease of use and access to key items in the toolbar could not be surpassed.
It was popular with my clients. They use IBM Support Portal for in depth searches, but the toolbar was preferred for quick access to key items.
Think of the two as a partnership
As usual no one listens to the users and just sunsets it


16 xuwudi commented Permalink

Absolutely ridiculous that you've removed the software support toolbar ... was the easiest tool to use ....!!!!