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Comments (9)

1 XIntegration50 commented Permalink

Hi Herman,

Does this xml-mgmnt WSDL URL have public access ?

2 HermannSW commented Permalink

Hi Venkat, normally it does not have public access -- that is the purpose of the HTTP service on port 88 I described. By using that HTTP service SOAPui can access the WSDL (store:///xml-mgmt.wsdl) as well as all imported Schema files.

3 XIntegration50 commented Permalink

I got you, thank you Hermann.

4 XIntegration50 commented Permalink

Hi Hermann,

I have tried to store all xml management files into the local folder and created a web service proxy to fetch the WSDL by enabling get option. When I try to give the url+uri as WSDL path, I am getting an error in SOAP UI
(WSDL EXCEPTION (at /env:Envelope): FaultCode= INVALID_WSDL: Expected Element '{http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/}definitions'. What could be the reason ?

5 HermannSW commented Permalink

I do not know what causes the problem. In order to identify the problem, can you please create HTTP sevice for "store:" directory and see whether SOAPui is happy with that? If it is, then maybe you missed a file to copy.

6 XIntegration50 commented Permalink

Sure, Hermann. I will give a try. Thank you.

7 JTQK_Sunny_Goel commented Permalink

Hi Hermann, Is there any way to test xml management interface request from soap ui directly?


8 XIntegration50 commented Permalink

I created HTTP service, this is working fine and is very useful. Thanks a lot.

9 soaDevArch commented Permalink

I'm trying to automate the import... before even getting there when I run this through soapUI I'm getting connection time out. Where and what value should I set or increase this value ?.


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