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Comments (4)

1 Offline commented Permalink

Very useful!

Thanks Hermann!
I really hope they will add the Node.js crypto into the next release!
GatewayScript is the best that has happened to us poor "binary" users! :)

2 JoeMorganNTST commented Permalink

Is this JS library compatible with the dp:decrypt-data? That is, I have a scenario where DP receives JSON containing data needing to be encrypted. Right now, DP is converting JSON to XML, encrypting the element, then converting the XML back to JSON. The JSON is sent to an internal app server. The app server then sends out a SOAP request through DP destined for a web service elsewhere. Just before sending out the corresponding message to the web service, DP decrypts the elements.

If I replace the JSON handling with GatewayScript and use this AES JS lib, will the dp:decrypt-data still work on the SOAP?

3 HermannSW commented Permalink

Hi Joe,

as HermannSW I completely understand your excitement on GatewayScript and trying to make use of it to replace otherwise "not that nice" solutions on DataPower.
But as DataPower fixpack teamlead I have to say that using third-party libraries (like the AES library from this posting) is not supported by DataPower organization and you are on your own in debugging/fixing any issues.
From this posting:
"in general, as long as GatewayScript does not ship XML(crypto) modules XML(crypto) processing should not be done by GatewayScript"
Of course, if you take ownership of some third-party/open source Javascript code in your organization you can just ignore above statement.
On dp:decrypt-data I don't know (I am compiler, not security guy), but would think that you could make this posting's code behave like dp:decrypt-data.

4 HermannSW commented Permalink

Please see {"EDIT":"11/10/2014..."} above for getting access to the original demo files.

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