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Will be intresting to follow a blog that targets at Industrial Storage and energy/ power consumption. Also will like to know your thoughts on how does Storage/ data centers /data clouds directly impact on Carbon Credits and hence eventually on the cost of the business.

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<html>Sandeep,<BR> VERY GOOD question and I expected to get it soonerthan later. I wasn't wrong!From a system storage perspective with the currenttechnology there is no way that we can give an <b>accurate</b> measure of them.<BR>If you look at the different web sites, (too many to list all here. I reference some of them at the end of this reply), all have a different base or pattern to measure the footprint, mostly oriented to house hold and or small environments and always have a warning on how they may be inaccurate, this leads at best, to confusion. I know that many will debate this point but let me just say that I have not found (yet) any environmental engineer that can giveme a consistent answer on why the carbon credits are so variable on the way they are measured. Hopefully some day we will know the answer.<br>Now from an energy savings perspective there is much to doand we, on the IT industry as a whole are on the initial stage of many changes.Changes that will first improve the way that the hardware uses energy and second, innovations on how to reduce the energy used in the data center of which the energy used by the storage systems is a good portion of the total.<BR>

Obviously we will inevitably reduce the amount of energy used on the data center affecting two things simultaneously: <BR>1)The bottom line reflected on less costs due to the energy savings and 2) Reduce the carbon footprint<br>An added bonus is the reduction of other contaminants that harm the soil and air. <BR>
On the posting where I will explain why Greenspeed is the name of this Blog you will better understand my point of view on storage and their energy use on the data centers.<BR>Thanks for your comment.
Carlos Pratt<br><a href="illinoisclimate.org">http://illinoisclimate.org/conservationcalculator.php</a><a href="http://www.sciencealert">http://www.sciencealert.com.au/carbon-credit-calculator-online.html</a><a href="http://www.trugreenglobe.us/carbon%20calculator.html">http://www.trugreenglobe.us/carbon%20calculator.html</a></body></html>

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Sorry for all the HTML trash on my reply.


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