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1 mshenhouse commented Permalink

I ran this and it shows 0/0 for server1. But when I explicitly set the values on the admin console to 256/1024 then the <br /> script showed 256/1024. So it only shows the values from the server.xml file. If I am taking the defaults and there are no values in the server.xml then it shows: <br /> initialHeapSize: 0 <br /> maximumHeapSize: 0 <div>&nbsp;</div> - <br /> Is there a way to show the heapsizes actually being used even if they are not explicitly set in the server.xml?

2 DougBreaux commented Permalink

Actually, I noticed the same thing. Later I found the way to get the additional information, but I guess I forgot to update here. See <a href="">Miscellaneous wsadmin</a>, and I'll update this post as well.

3 G0644 commented Permalink

Cool script. How would this variable look if I wanted to specify the node name? "server = AdminConfig.getid('/Server:'+sys.argv[0]+'/')" <br /> As I have multiple nodes and JVM's with the same name.

4 DougBreaux commented Permalink

@Go644 AdminConfig.getid('/Node:nodeName/Server:serverName') <div>&nbsp;</div> See <br />