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I think banks mostly have payment frameworks already in place. Most of the traditional financial institutions have such policies and agreements available for the better part of the century ( :-D this is the 21st century ) ...
All have in place some form of Payment gateway / framework etc...
Perhaps a more stringent checks and balances in place to protect customer and service provider would be the thing needed.
Take the recent Bear Stearns fiasco, or the French Société Générale all show the signs of the current financial systems not able to handle the ebb and flow of cash in the rapid booming and busting world economies of the 21st Century.

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Absolutely right, a more stringent checks and balances systems, security systems that can provide the kind of coverage and scale that the internet based transactions are now driving, and enablement of new web based capabilities are examples of the payment system focus that is needed (and we are working on;)

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