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Thanks for the nice mention, Dave. The Singlestep gang is very honored by the Best in Show, and we're also delighted to be named Autonomic Computing Partner of the Year! But without the support of folks at IBM like Catherine Pleil, Mickey Nix, Lennart Frantzell, Louis Salcedo, and a host of others, we'd still be struggling to bring the solution to market. We're winning awards now because of the excellent collaboration and support your team gives to ISV's that are trying to adopt AC.It seems like the concerted effort to raise awareness and adoption is starting to pay off - that's what I read on Tech Target anyway (link below). Nice interview, DB.http://search390.techtarget.com/originalContent/0,289142,sid10_gci1066615,00.html

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Hey thanks, I really appreciate your commments and your remarks on the great teamwork between the teams. I believe the kind of results we are achieving together is testament to the 'game-changing event' that AC is enabling, as I said to Luke from Tech Target on Monday morning as I was waiting in LGA to catch a flight to...where other than?... a customer developement site to talk about AC...

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