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Comments (4)

1 YanZhang commented Permalink


It's very useful for me. Could you pls upate the data format in "Actual DB Size in bytes", It's unreadable. Thanks!

2 Dale_McInnis commented Permalink

1.35901E+11 = 135,901,000,000 bytes = 129605.29327392578125 MB = 126.5676692128181 GB

3 Anvik commented Permalink

Can you tell if the above db2 backups were run via lanfree?..looking at the elapsed time and the size it doesnt look like but if you could clarify please..
If not do u know if dedup is supported on lanfree?

4 Dale_McInnis commented Permalink

all of my testing was done on an LAN environment.

The TSM Client dedup is not supported in a Lan-Free environment, however the TSM Server dedup is supported in a Lan-Free environment

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