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1 Kohli_Kshitij commented Permalink

Hi Dale very informative.
We are implementing HADR in our company and am able to succuesfully implement it. However i have a question for you. We use
Path to log files = /logs/preinstc/dblogs/DOCUMENT/NODE0000/
First log archive method (LOGARCHMETH1) = DISK:/dbarch/dblogs/
and we have auto pruning and have setup a backup retention on our Primary
Number of database backups to retain (NUM_DB_BACKUPS) = 3
Recovery history retention (days) (REC_HIS_RETENTN) = 2
Auto deletion of recovery objects (AUTO_DEL_REC_OBJ) = ON

The above is setup on the Primary, Now as our standard process is we take a backup and restore on standy an hence the above cfg's will be restored on the standby as well, based on how i restore.
So what you are recommending above is to have 1 DBarch folder for our archive path which does make sense, so when we restore to the standby will it be succuesfully able to point to that dbarch or not? considering that while restoring LOGARCHMETH1 is already pointing to disk:dbarch from the primary will three be any conflict when i do a restore? I know Primary is the only 1 where the logs will be archived and if in any circumstance standby becomes primary it will use the above dbarch folder for the archive logs if needed ?
I am going to try this tomorrow myself when my storage admin make a share b/w them . but if you have any inputs

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