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Comments (3)

1 Shweta Gupta IBM commented Permalink

Thank You Shawn - simple and well explained

2 RahulSen commented Permalink

Thx Shawn for nice explanation :)
When I tried to implement it, it works fine for my custom search , however it was breaking the oob search.( it was giving some parsing exceptions).
When I removed below configuration in get-data-config.xml, it started working.


3 Bleddyn commented Trackback


Should this work ok when you start generating synonyms and replacement terms because from what we have seen the dismax query has ended up not being changed in terms of the terms being generated.
For example we left both options of the query in our solr trace, where we set up a replacement term for puppy = dog. As you can see the standard query term created hasas replaced puppy with dog but the dismax based query has left puppy as the search term. So is there something missing these instructions because how do you get Dismax to use what happens in search rules, synonyms and replacement terms.
Thanks Bleddyn

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