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Comments (4)

1 Jeharul commented Permalink

Hi Brendon,

I am currently using FEP6. As per you the above details , I have removed "\\*" from the stoppatterns field and had also commented "<_config:property name="IgnoreLeadingPatterns" value="[\\*\\?]+"/>".
I could still see that my search rule is not getting triggered.
Any other reason ??

2 Brendon_Baila commented Permalink

which expression builder are you using? Did you update the correct one? Newer FEPs use getCatalogNavigationViewbyCategory expression builder for category navigation.

3 chetan_raju commented Permalink

Hi Brendon,

I am currently using FEP5 and FP6. I followed the steps to enable search rules for category navigation but it doesn't seem to work.
I updated the get-data-config.xml and added the param mentioned above for getCatalogNavigationView expression builder.
I also tried to add the parameter to getCatalogNavigationViewByCategory expression builder. I also noted that the expression-template for getCatalogNavigationViewByCategory does not have $searchTerm$ in it. Even after modifying the expression-template and adding _wcf.search.term='$searchTerm$', the result is that the search rules are not applied to the category navigations.
Any suggestions ?
Best regards,

4 Shweta Gupta IBM commented Permalink

Hi Brendon, Is this procedure valid for FEP8 ?

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