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Comments (4)

1 LiLiang-CommerceSupport commented Permalink

Do I still need to do the 6 steps on feature pack 7?

2 jdklearner2k8 commented Permalink


Was there any comment on the earlier questions going forward with FEP 7. Do we still need an APAR for the 6th step above?
If yes can you confirm the APAR I think it's JR47303 but a quick confirmation & link to the APAR would be very helpful.

3 Tenchi commented Permalink

For the APAR, you do not leave what APAR number it is. Can you confirm if it is included in any of the fix packs, and if so, which one? Thank you.

4 Eric-Scott commented Permalink

The APAR number was not available at the time the article was currently written. The APAR is JR48945, which is included in the FEP6 search cumulative fix (JR49158)

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