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1 David_Salinas commented Permalink

My problem is that I have no values. ;) Generally, I think people's action speak quite clearly to their values. This is especially true since some are not that introspective. Also, there are situations in which there is clear cognitive dissonance to what they think their values are vs what values they actually seem to act upon.

In either case, I tend to think that values can be summed up in one's motto. I have also seen it described as, what would you want on your tombstone? Another interesting way to view it.
Great posting, Jeff.

2 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Jeff... thought provoking post as usual from you!

Both in the workforce and with my family, my "Top 2" values that I get on my soapbox about are:
1) Respect, and
2) Cooperation
This doesn't mean that you need to say "Yes Sir" or "Yes Ma'am" to everything ... it's more of a statement of treating others as you'd like to be treated, and working productively with others...

3 amidewar commented Permalink

It was hard for me to just pick five :)
but in no particular order, my favs are...
commitment, family, humor, integrity, personal growth

Appreciated the post and insight, as always!

4 Jeffj2 commented Permalink

David - "I have no values". You crack me up. If you called "vacation" a value, then I would believe you.

What I hear in what you said is a strong "Walk your talk" value. I think that is awesome.
What are you going to have written on your tombstone? (Great question, too)!
Thanks for your comments and thoughts,

5 Jeffj2 commented Permalink


Thanks for your comments. Piggybacking on what David said about "walking your talk"; I can see how respect and cooperation would resonate with you. In all the years that I have had the pleasure to work with you....you have always approached every interaction respectfully, and how could we collaborate to make it better.
Thanks for being the best example of partnership in IBM that I know,

6 Jeffj2 commented Permalink


In having the pleasure of working with you, I can see how you would pick those values (and want to pick more, too :-) ). They "sound" like you and how you approach all the things you accomplish.
I should probably come clean and list my top five, too (not fair for me to ask of others, what I wouldn't do myself). They are: Family, Humor, Honesty, Integrity, and collaboration.
Thanks for your comments,

7 shardson commented Permalink

Jeff, I enjoyed your post! And coming from someone on your team, I can say we appreciate the freedom to be creative in solving problems. I don’t think I realize how important that is until you point it out...
I, too, have a hard time narrowing your list down to five values. For me, it’s so much about relationships, so naturally, these are the ones I picked:
Commitment, Family, Friendships, Honesty, Integrity
And then tied with those are Service, Orderliness, and Responsibility :) and... humor, joy, knowledge... (I guess I can’t claim decision-making as a value, huh?)
Thanks for your thoughtful and thought-provoking post!

8 Jeffj2 commented Permalink


Thanks for your post. I went back to the "Values Clarification" exercise in my Co-Active Coaching book, and they suggested that sometimes in makes the most sense to group the values into logical deliverables. So, you may have 5 areas; but they could be something like:
1) Relationships/Family/Friends
2) Commitment/Honesty/Integrity
3) Service/Orderliness/Responsibility
4) Humor/Joy/Knowledge
Do those grouping areas of values makes sense? Feel free to play with it more.
Thanks again for your comments and posting.

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