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1 FrancesP commented Permalink

Oh sorry I wasn't paying attention ...I got distracted after the first paragraph. Listening and reading...or rather just simply paying attention is something, that today, with the all of our multi-tasking, is so much harder to do. Good reminders to continue to strive to focus. And with that, I will now finish reading your blog :=)

2 Jeffj2 commented Permalink

LOL...thanks for your comment. Perhaps I should work on brevity for future postings to help with focus. :-)

3 Jamesco commented Permalink

Great talking/listening tips that we can all benefit from.


4 mullerj commented Permalink

I think closing laptops during calls is a great idea. Whenever I come to RTP and sit in a conference room for a meeting .. is amazes me to see so many folks typing and working on their laptops while someone is talking. Maybe it is a cultural shift or maybe it is because I work from home .. but if I get the opportunity to see folks in person .. then I really try hard to listen to them. Keep blogging .. I am listening :-)

5 Jeffj2 commented Permalink

John, Great point. Active listening means having your full focus on what is being said. Multiplexing on laptops during calls automatically shifts your attention away from the speaker. How many times have we been on calls when we hear, "Can you repeat that question?" You know this is an attempt to re-engage with the meeting.

Let's try an experiment to close the laptops during meetings. You will see people going nuts not knowing what to do with themselves.
Thanks for following....more posts are on the way.

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