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1 bobleah commented Trackback

Now that is neat! So neat that I bookmarked it to a couple of dW groups I belong too (Student group and Design group). I think this may be the first time I ever bookmarked a "404 error" page!

2 Ferndalien commented Permalink

I also like this one from several years ago. I can't find the site it appeared on:

"I'm afraid I've eaten your page. It was sweet, and juicy on my tongue."

3 Saqib Ali commented Permalink

@Bob: I did the same when I first saw it. It is very creative, I have to say. :)

4 Saqib Ali commented Trackback

Oh btw, some other creative 404 messages: (Funny!!! :)) (The 404 page is a actually a game) (Flowchart anyone????) (Milk Carton Missing person's (page) Ad)
I simply use the following on my webserver:
I lie somewhere over here
-- Werner Heisenberg, as in Uncertainty Principle.