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1 JoseMSK commented Permalink

Hello Kerrie,
The SOA/webservices 'hype' started about 10 years ago and since then, the industry has not been able to agree on a common definition for SOA.
Isn't it a hint that it may be the wrong 'abstraction' to address the different stakeholder groups?
I personally see trends/technologies building on SOA like Business Rules, cloud-based process outsourcing as passing the right message and
likely to drive the 'SOA' success as well as capturing the attention of business stakeholders.
But maybe is just my perception out of Europe.


2 KerrieH commented Permalink

Jose, I think you are correct regarding the abstraction but alas I also think SOA is a good name for many reasons as it properly reflects the key aspects: services and architecture. Of course there is a lot of momentum behind the name as well. Clearly many technologies and the several of the ones you named advance IT and SOA adoption. Your insights are pertinent and apply globally.