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1 localhost commented Permalink

How Nice Buell !!

I read your BLOG!!!

2 localhost commented Trackback

I read your blog too - even if I am just reading it one month after the fact :)Good luck on the new job.

3 localhost commented Permalink

people are definitely reading! Keep it up!

4 localhost commented Trackback

Buell, congratulations on your new position as worldwide vice president marketing, IBM Software Group.

When you say "The IBM program framework is based on messaging around key themes and audiences across all customer segments" - do you basically mean customer segmentation around the very high-level "Industry Sectors" discussed on the IBM home page (18 industry sectors), or do you mean something more detailed to segment IBM customers around the world? Can you elaborate on how IBM thinks about customer segmentation and how it coordinates its view with business partners who may each have their own view on customer segmentation?
Thank you!

5 localhost commented Permalink

Rest assured that there are many people who read and enjoy your semi-regular blog entries. Your entries are thoughtful and give valuable insight from an executive's point of view.Please keep up the good work.

6 localhost commented Trackback

Buell, I may be the only person who has ever read your blog that knew you way back when. I bought IBM computers from you when you were a young pup at IBM in the mid 70's in Nashville. I am in Atlanta now with a national law firm. You have obviously excelled at IBM. Congratulations!

7 localhost commented Permalink

A 10 month break?

This blog is listed as a featured blog on lotus.com.

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