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Stick to your guns Bob. Please don't compromise on the meaning of "open". Instead of saying "truly open", as if there were differing degrees of openness, simply say that there are two XML file formats for desktop productivity environments, MS XML and OpenDoc XML. And only one of those qualifies as an open XML file format.I refuse to believe that after years of fighting off open, Internet based interoperability, even putting his entire company on the line, doing whatever it takes, illegal, deceitful, or just plain reprehensible, to stop Netscape and Java from carving out some open Internet space on the Windows desktop, that suddenly Bill Gates has now become an open Internet convert? Someone has to show me a whole lot more than the current MS XML outline before i'll believe that Chairman Bill has been raptured up into the global heavens of open interoperability. The guys not even repentant.Thanks for picking up the torch,~ge~

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