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1 localhost commented Permalink

See my Webloghttp://blogs.webahead.ibm.com/pilot/weblogs/page/rdavids@au1.ibm.com

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Bill, This was nice info! I too am involved with Rational Products esp. ClearCase and ClearQuest. Would post my profile as suggested. Thanks.

3 localhost commented Permalink

This is my first ever entry.Having been in project management since 1967 the key to all I have enjoyed is the management of people, process and technology issues always being in tune to each other.When this type of situation has not been there trust me failure has been.

4 localhost commented Permalink

DeveloperWorks is one of sources for me to promote new workloads on zSeries........

5 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Bill. I've finally got RSA (all of it!) installed - it only took a few days and an external hard drive ;) I've even got your blog set up in my RSS feeder/reader/whatever. I'm all set for research! :)

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