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I agree with John's decision.

In our shop, we have about 1.000 developers programming from PL/I to Java. 800 of them are outsourcers at 4 major providers, and we are incorporating new developers each day, because the rotation index of the outsourcer’s staff is high.
We really know that they tend to copy & paste (reuse?) code from other developments, specially the novice developers when they doesn’t have experience in some language, so we are trying to facilitate the search of how to use some functions in different language idioms.
We recently have acquired a knowledge code tool, which one of the functions is to make available to our developers pieces of code (we have previously measured their quality). So, for example, if they are trying to know how to use a specific function in Java, they only have to search in our knowledge database, finding lots of examples. We have found that this technique is very productive.

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